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We are looking to recruit a new Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) to join our team of dedicated volunteers at Links Park.

As an independent position, the SLO role has unique access to the Board of Directors and Management Team, allowing fans both within the existing Supporters Club and those out with, to put their thoughts and views forward on any subject they wish.

Backed by UEFA and the Scottish FA, the role is designed to ensure fans have a dedicated point of contact who will best represent their needs and ensure the most common issues are raised at the highest level.

Acting as a bridge between the club itself and all supporters of the club, SLO’s build relations with the club management and the fans through two-way communication, informing supporters about decisions made by the club and in turn feeding back to the club the fan’s point of view.

The role also works with security and police as well as SLOs from other clubs to ensure relevant knowledge is spread to all organisations participating in matches and events.

The benefits of these SLO roles have been identified by UEFA to include improved relationships with fans, greater insight into supporter viewpoints, financial benefits through larger crowds, increased merchandise sales and sponsorship revenue with fans feeling a closer identification, and less violence with better conflict management.

As a Club, Montrose FC are committed to the SLO role, and as such, since 2018, have had two SLO’s in position, namely Kevin Watson and Stephen McCallum.

Having dedicated over 5 years to the role, Kevin has decided to step down and we would like to put on record our sincere thanks and appreciation of his all efforts.

To apply, or for more information, please contact Martin on