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about mfc

Montrose Football Club is at the heart of one of Scotland’s most ancient and bustling coastal communities, Montrose. It was founded in November 1879 and has since coined the nickname, “The Gable Endies.”

The club have been playing at Links Park Stadium since their move in 1887. Montrose FC also prides itself on bringing businesses and people together through the love of the game to create a strong local community.

The names and faces of the club over the years have carved their story into every decade of Montrose FC from when it was founded to the present day.

Our people are at the heart of Montrose FC

board of directors


john paton

honorary president

john crawford


malcolm watters

vice president

peter stuart

chief executive

brian petrie

club secretary

andrew stephen

assistant secretary

alan kenny

safety officer

peter davidson


tracy park


barry o'neill

director of women's football

michael fotheringham


Operations team

Iain Bridges: Financial Director

Kenneth Bruce: Company Secretary

David Larter: Club Ambassador

Martin Johnston: Operations Manager

Graham Hulston: Operations Executive

Cheryl Fleming: Operations Executive

Stewart Petrie: Manager (Men's Team)

Ross Campbell: Assistant Manager (Men's Team)

Seán Dillon: First Team Coach (Men's Team)

Iain Campbell: Team Coach (Men's Team)

David Larter: Goalkeeping Coach (Men's Team)

Chris Simpson: Sports Scientist (Men's Team)

Barry O'Neill: Director (Women's Team)

Craig Feroz: Manager (Women's Team)

Neil Daniel: Assistant Coach (Women's Team)

Lisa Anderson: Assistant Coach (Women's Team)

Eilidh Reid: Coach (Women's Team)

Derek Donald: Goalkeeping Coach (Women's Team)

Darren Hogg: Physiotherapist (Women's Team)

Kenny Gammie: Recruitment and Sponsorship (Women's Team)

Codie Petrie: Media (Women's Team)

Andrew Stephen: Media (Women's Team)

David Burns: Head Coach (Academy Team)

Connor Yeats: Head Coach (Under 18s Team)

Calum Brodie: Head Goalkeeping Coach (Academy Team)
Fraser Crowe: Coach (Academy Team)
Neil Paton: Coach (Academy Team)
Gemma Collier: Chartered Physiotherapist
Scott Shepherd: Physiotherapist
Ron Marquis: Groundsman and Kitman
Robert Ogg: Kitman
Neill McIntosh: Kitman
Kevin Watson: Supporters Liaison Officer
Stephen McCallum: Supporters Liaison Officer
Alan Kenny: Safety Officer
Ross Thomson: Stadium Announcer
Ian Gray: Chaplain
Dr Gareth Strachan: Club Doctor
Mark West: Matchday Media Team
Blair Ruxton: Matchday Media Team
Ben MacDonald: Matchday Media Team
Graeme Cowie: Matchday Media Team
Phoenix Photography: Club Photographer
Steve Doyle: Club Historian
Monty Mole: Club Mascot
Anne Kenny: Child Wellbeing Officer
Joan Murray: Assistant Child Wellbeing Officer

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