Montrose Football Club views this charter as a dynamic and practical document which will, in consultation with customers/supporters, shape the future development of The Club.


Montrose FC Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "The Club") continues to strive for wider access to matches by offering:

Ample access to games at Links Park Stadium for non season ticket holders and, in the event of the match being all-ticket, non season ticket holders will be able to purchase tickets after the requirements of season ticket holders have been met. Similar procedures apply to all-ticket matches at away venues.

Concessions for junior customers (under 18), senior citizens, students

The club encourages the supporters of tomorrow by providing reduced prices for junior season and match day tickets. Junior supporters are welcome in all sections of the stadium to enable families to sit together in an area of their choice.

Senior Citizens aged 65 or over, and Students over the age of 18 in full time education are entitled to a concessionary rate.

Free or reduced admission to replays of abandoned games

If a match is abandoned after spectators are admitted to the ground but before kick-off or half-time, ticket holders are entitled to free admission to the rearranged match - vouchers are available for issue in these circumstances. If a match is abandoned after kick-off in the second half, customers may be entitled to reduced admission charges for the rearranged match, subject to discussion/agreement between the participating teams.

Support for disabled customers and their carers

Montrose supporters with a disability are entitled to a concessionary rate for all fixtures. In addition, supporters may apply for a pass (effectively a season ticket) for their carer.

Visiting fans with a registered disability should contact their own Club who will, in turn, advise The Club of any specific requirements.

Visiting Supporters

The Club does not charge visiting supporters admission prices which are higher than those charged to our own customers. Any allocation of concessionary tickets offered to senior citizens and junior supporters will be paralleled for customers of a visiting club on a pro rata basis. The Club complies with Scottish Football League rules governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.

Cup Competitions

Tickets for Cup Competitions are priced according to the status of the opposition and are available first for Season Ticket holders. If their usual seat is in the area designated for the opposing team, then a seat of similar location and price will be offered.
Refunds will be considered only if the ticket is returned to the Ticket Office not later than 24 hours before kick-off when the match is played.

Consultation and Information

The Club continues to develop ways to consult with customers, shareholders, sponsors, the local authority and other interested parties.

Shareholders are sent financial statements, the Chairman's report and a financial review annually.

Shareholders are invited to the statutory AGM while non-shareholder customers, sponsors, the local authority and other interested parties are consulted through a series of informal activities.

Community Activity

Montrose FC has acknowledged its commitment to the community by the identification of a director to deal with this activity.

The Club's efforts in the Community include:

  • Use of Links Park Stadium for community group and organisations.
  • Association with Angus Council and local residents for community benefit.
  • Support for the "Show Racism The Red Card" anti-racism campaign and “Rainbow Laces” campaign for inclusivity of the LGBTQ community.
  • Support for various local charities.
  • The provision of free tickets for a number of schools in and around Montrose allowing accompanied pupils to be brought to Links Park free of charge.
  • The provision of free tickets to local juvenile football teams and organisations to promote a community spirit within the Club.

Customer Service

The Club endeavours to respond to any contact from a customer within a maximum of 7 days.

The Club responds by telephone, e-mail, fax or letter and if a customer requests a response in writing he/she receives one.

The Club encourages customers to contact the relevant employee in pursuit of specific enquiries and relevant contact information (names, postal address, telephone number, e-mail addressed) is available through club publications and the official website.

Supporter Liaison Officer

The club have appointed a new Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) – this role is backed by UEFA and the Scottish FA in the context of the clubs Licensing regulatory framework and is designed to ensure that fans have a dedicated point of contact who will best represent the needs of the fans within the club and ensure that the most common issues are raised at the highest level. The SLO can be contacted via the main office at Links Park Stadium.

Disability Access Officer

The club have appointed a Disability Access Officer (DAO) to support the provision of inclusive, accessible facilities and services and act as the main point of contact for disabled fans. acts as a communication link between fans and the board of directors of Montrose FC. The DAO can be contacted via the main office at Links Park Stadium.


All replica strip designs have a minimum lifespan of not less than two seasons wherever possible.

Details of the next intended change of kits are available from Club.

The Club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its statutory obligations.

The Club will not knowingly purchase or otherwise acquire goods or merchandise from any supplier or manufacturer who does not fully comply with the labour, safety and other relevant statutory instruments of the countries of manufacture in respect of age of employees, health and safety of employees, hours of work, leave allowance, minimum wages, overtime and sick pay etc.

Staff Conduct

The Club is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and non-discrimination on grounds of disability, gender, sexuality, marriage, race, colour or religion, and to the principle that employees should be free to work in an environment free from harassment, victimisation or bullying.

The Club endorses and actively promotes UEFA's recently issued Ten Point Plan of Action for Professional Football Clubs in respect of Anti-Racism.

The club has a child wellbeing officer who will follow policies/procedures for the protection of children and vulnerable adults as directed by the SFA directive for the wellbeing of children. The officer will be responsible for the monitoring, developing and implementation of these policies. the identified wellbeing officer will also act as the liaison monitoring officer for the club in respect of Disclosure Scotland and the vetting of staff and or volunteers whose role(s) while operating under aegis of Montrose Football Club bring them into regular contact with children and/or vulnerable adults.

The Club, and its entire staff, in their dealings with individual and corporate customers/supporters will endeavour to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

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