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Malcolm Watters - Longstanding Contribution


In the Time Tunnel today is Malcolm Watters who is Honorary Vice President and a Director of Montrose Football Club. Malcolm has been involved for a very long time and fulfilled a number of roles in the running of this football club  but we thought it would be useful to put him in The Tunnel so he could tell us a bit more about himself and recall some of the ups and downs he has experienced over the years.  

Malcolm, tell us a bit about yourself e.g, are you a Montrosian or how long have you been here and if not where are you from originally?

I am a Montrosian although born at the maternity home in Forfar in 1943. I lived in Montrose until 1958 but returned in 1980 and have lived in the area since then.

What do you do for a living or what did you do if now retired?

I was an insurance broker and latterly a travel agent until I retired in July 2016.

What do you do in your leisure time away from football?

I like to golf when I am fit but mostly I am an armchair sports critic!

Can you remember when you first started coming down to Links Park?

My Dad took me down to Links Park as a wee boy.

I reckon you first took office at the club in the 1980’s but tell us about how you came to be involved with MFC and what your involvement has been over the years.

I started as a volunteer Commercial Manager in 1981 became Secretary when the incumbent Forbes Inglis was elevated to Chairman, co-opted as a director shortly after and have been on the board continuously since then – still no gold watch!

What is your main role at Links Park nowadays?

Nostalgia convenor! – no seriously, I have had to take a back seat for a while with work and health matters but now  am responsible for the Annual Golf Day and Club Licensing – no prize for which is fun!

Tell us about some of your favourite memories.

Away to Queen of the South winning promotion –shed a tear that day!

Tell us about a great away game you’ve been to.

Ending Hearts winning streak at Tynecastle in the League Cup and celebrating at the Cramond Brig Hotel where the landlord was a Hibee!

I see you at most home games but which away grounds/clubs have you enjoyed going to?

I always enjoy visiting Brechin – great friends - and most other grounds.  There are one or two best forgotten but can’t name them for my own safety!

Which other teams result is the first you look for?

Portsmouth –my wife’s team.  I like to know if it’s safe to go home on Saturday after our game!

Which Mo players from the past do you most recall and why?  

I have fond memories of so many and it’s great to see them at our Nostalgia Days but, apart from his footballing skills (remember the 100? yard goal v Hibs), Les Barr was always good for morale-boosting humour.

You’ve seen quite a few Managers come and go – who sticks out as the best though not necessarily the most successful?

Ian Stewart was most successful and a great motivator – he invented the non-electric half-time hair dryer before Fergie!  (Ed; It got that hot sometimes did it?)

Can you recall a game or an incident but for all the wrong reasons either on or off the pitch?

Raith Rovers v Montrose Sat 11 May 1985.  We had won the league the week before and the team photo with the trophy was taken before the game.  Later that afternoon, in the boardroom, we watched the horror of the Bradford fire develop putting things into perspective.

Do you think the pyramid system is good for Scottish football or do you think the SPFL should admit a few more progressive clubs and have bigger divisions?

I don’t like the pyramid system and suspect that most of the Highland League have reservations due to the travelling. It may work in England with larger populations able to support more full-time clubs but it’s not ideal for Scotland with so many part-time clubs.

Looking away from Links Park can you see Scottish football ever competing well again on a bigger stage?

Not in my lifetime, I fear!

Anything else you want to say about MFC?

Although I have given a lot of my time to MFC over the years, I’ve had so much pleasure (and the occasional pain) that I don’t grudge it and I am delighted to see new younger blood on the Board with a load of great ideas.

Malcolm Watters has served this football club well for over 30 years and still uses his experience as a Vice President to help and advise other Board members. When you look back over the years certain names stand out in the history of this football club such as the Johnstone brothers in the 1880’s and long serving Mr D B Purvis in the middle part of the last century. Then we had the great late Willie Johnston but in our more recent era the name of Malcolm Watters will similarly stand out.



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