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Time Tunnel - Bob Mutch

In the Tunnel today is Bob Mutch who you must have seen in Links Park even if you are not sure who he really is.

Well, this feature is here amongst other things to tell you more about lads like Bob who can be seen around the stadium on a matchday. He is quite literally in the Tunnel at times but then he could be in the corridors, outside the lounges or supervising the main stand seating area. When he’s not doing that, which is usually when the match is in progress, he might be seen wandering around the ground or the surrounding streets to fulfil another role he has. That other role is to go looking for footballs which have been kicked out of sight or into trees or even into the gardens of nearby houses or the streets outside. Well, somebody has to do it as those balls cost upwards of £100 these days, so that’s why Bob can be out knocking on doors during a game. I well remember him coming back in one day, ball in hand as another whistled past him and out from whence he’d just come. So, I thought the Tunnel should find out a bit more about Bob Mutch. A man of few words but here’s what he had to say :-

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I’m married and retired from work several years ago.  I like to play golf and bowls but enjoy gardening as well. Oh, and I spend a lot of time at Links Park as well – you might have noticed.

Where do you stand or sit during a game? (Ed: bit of a daft question I know but I wanted to hear what he said!)

I start my day at the stadium by standing at the back door of the main stand checking people in for the lounges or re-directing them. During the game I usually stand at the top of the Tunnel to watch – if there is nothing else which needs to be done. But, there usually is something else like going to knock on doors to retrieve footballs which have been kicked out of the ground. At half time I check guests into the lounges again to make sure nobody slips past who shouldn’t.

How long have you been coming to Links Park and how did it all start?

I’ve been coming for 50 years now. I’m local so the football club is ‘my’ team. I then started to volunteer for things and it went on from there.

Our record has not been good in the last few years, why are you still a loyal fan?

Because Montrose is my local team.

Do you go to any away games?

Yes, if I can and those not so far away.

What would you do on a Saturday if you did not come to football?

Play golf and bowls.

What should we do to increase attendances?

Drop admission prices. Win games.

Do you think it’s important to have a Supporters’ Club?

Yes, definitely.

Would you if you could, volunteer to do any more?

I am already the caretaker and key holder at Links Park and attend most pitch hires to ensure all is in order.

Do you think there is enough interaction between the football club, the fans and the town?

The Directors are constantly trying to encourage fans into the stadium. Local media can help.

Pick a highlight from your time watching Montrose.

Beating Hibs in the League Cup in the 1970’s

Who is your favourite current player?

Sandy Wood. He’s just a great guy.

Which other result do you next look for?

Manchester United.

Who was Montrose’s best ever player in your time?

Bobby Livingstone.

Anything else you would like to say about Montrose FC?

Would love to see them have a very good season and reach the play-offs, maybe this season.

Thanks Bob, yet another who beavers away behind the scenes to ensure all goes smoothly. Most of what Bob does goes unseen by fans but it’s lads like him which can make the difference between looking professional and actually being professional – I think our efforts and organisation during the last home game against Rangers showed the outside world just how good we are at organisation. One of the ESPN lads I spoke to on the way out complimented Montrose on both their on field and off field performances on the day and even the local police girls were complimentary as I chatted them up whilst walking with them on the way back to my car. Hang on, maybe they were just checking me out of town!



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