Montrose 1 East Fife 0

Milne Winner Sends Montrose Into Playoff Places




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Montrose FC Under 18s Fixtures/Results - Season 2019/20









25th Aug 2019 A Stirling Albion TBC 1-1   Garnham
1st Sep 2019 H Elgin City Links Park 2.30pm 5-1   Garnham 2 Innes 2 Henderson
8th Sep 2019 A Queen of the South TBC  4-2 

 Garnham 2 Innes Baxter

15th Sep 2019  A Airdrie TBC 3-2  Duffy Dalglish Baxter
22nd Sep 2019  A Alloa Athletic TBC 2-0    Stockton 2

 29th Sep 2019

  No Game      
 6th Oct 2019 H Stirling Albion Links Park 2.30pm. 5-0    McCormick 2, Garnham 2 Stockton
13th Oct 2019  A Elgin City TBC 8-0   McCormick Rollo Dalglish Duffy Garnham 3 Stockton
 20th Oct 2019   No Game      
27th Oct 2019    No Game       
 3rd Nov 2019 H Queen of the South Links Park 1.00pm  5-0  Garnham 2, Duffy 2, Stockton
10th Nov 2019  H Airdrie Link Park 2.30pm  2-2  Innes & Cooper
17th Nov 2019  H Alloa Athletic Links Park 2.30pm  3-1   Innes, Stockton & Duffy
8th Nov 2019  A Ayr Utd Cumnock Juniors 7.30pm 2-1     Dalglish & Stockton
6th Dec 2019  A Aberdeen Cormack Park 7.30pm 2-4     McCormack & Dalglish

Development Games 

Tues 24th Sep 2019  H Forfar Albion  Links Park 7.45pm 4-1    Garnham 3 & Fraser
Tues 26th Nov 2019  H Arbroath Vics  Links Park 7.45pm 4-4     Fraser & Garnham 3
Tues 17th Dec 2019 H Dundee Violet  Links Park 7.45pm 7-1    Garnham 4 & Fraser 3
Tues 14th Jan 2020 H   Links Park 7.45pm      
Tues 3rd Mar 2020   H    Links Park 7.45pm      
Tues 31st Mar 2020   H   Links Park 7.45pm       
U18s 2nd Half    All fixtures TBC         
 9th Feb 2020 A Stirling Albion  TBC      
16th Feb 2020  H Elgin City  Links Park 1.00pm      
23rd Feb 2020 H Queen of the South Links Park 2.30pm      
1st Mar 2020  A Airdrie TBC      
 8th Mar 2020 A Alloa Athletic TBC      
 15th Mar 2020   No Game        
22nd Mar 2020    No Game        
29th Mar 2020 H Stirling Albion Links Park 2.30pm      
 5th April 2020   No Game        
12th April 2020 A Elgin City TBC      
19th April 2020 Queen of the South TBC      
26th April 2020    No Game        
 3rd May 2020 H Airdire Links Park 2.30pm      
 10th May 2020 H Alloa Athletic Links Park 2.30pm      



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