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Montrose FC Women were delighted when last season’s back of shirt sponsor Aquapax decided to continue and in fact enhance their support of the team in our inaugural SWPL1 season. 

Aquapax founder, Neil Tomlinson, grew up on a plastic-free beach and believes that future generations of children deserve the same. Neil very generously delivered a sizeable consignment of their fresh, pure water, sealed from light and air, in beautifully designed, reusable and recyclable paper cartons. This will hydrate MFCW for the entire season, saving us from having to use any single use plastic. 

As an independent company, the brand constantly seeks value for money branding opportunities, to help communicate with their customers. Aquapax co-sponsorship of Montrose FC Women’s kit, helps their brand positioning for Scottish customers, as Aquapax water cartons will NOT attract any deposits if the DRS scheme is eventually introduced across Scotland.”

Director Of Womens Football, Barry O’Neill added, “We are delighted to have Aquapax on board again as one of our kit sponsors and as our Hydration Partner this season. Their fully recyclable water cartons are totally in keeping with our desire as a club to remove single use plastic from our environment and we wish Neil and his team all the best with this excellent product.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank AquaPax for their continued support.

Pictured with a new MFCW away top displaying the Aquapax logo is Barry O’Neill and on behalf of Aquapax, Barry’s brother Willie, who has supported Neil and Aquapax during their growth phase.