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Montrose shuffled their squad with a fit Ryan Williamson on the right of the three back line alongside Aidan Quinn and Sean Dillon while Andrew Steeves was rested and on the subs bench. Luke Graham moved into midfield along with Michael Gardyne, Ali Shrive and Craig Brown with Kane Hester, Blair Lyons and captain for the day Graham Webster up top.

Before the game each keeper did goal kicks to assess the wind as it became storm force and the forecast was to get worse. 

Referee Dan McFarlane decided to give it a go and assess the situation after about 15 minutes as goal kicks and set pieces would be difficult on an artificial pitch in such conditions.

Montrose kicked off against the strong wind on an otherwise sunny day with no rain. Straight away Montrose had difficulty getting the ball downfield with Edinburgh using the wind for long balls to chase down but the Mo defence coped well though keeper Gill just couldn’t get any distance with his kicks.

After 3 minutes Edinburgh got a throw in deep inside the Montrose half and a long throw wind assisted could have caused trouble but Dillon and company cleared it but it only got to the edge of the area and the resultant shot went wide but almost veered back towards goal but ended just wide.

Montrose eventually got the ball downfield by Gill to Graham then to Gardyne who sent Lyons away but as the ball held up in the wind he was tackled before he could get it under control. Edinburgh then had two more attempts neither of which caused trouble then Lyons was offside and Hester chased a through ball but his shot looked good before the wind blew it off course and over the top.

All that was in the first 12 minutes but in the 16th minute keeper Gill attempted to take a goal kick in a gust of very strong wind but the ball rolled backwards several times and when he did kick it the ball went upwards and ended up beside his own corner flag. 

At that point the referee consulted both managers who it seemed agreed to carry on for a bit longer. Keeper Gill still could not clear his lines either from dead ball situations or out of his hands and another attempt went just outside his area to an attacking player who was fortunately robbed before he could take action.

That was on 20 minutes and at that point the referee called the captains together then the managers and finally abandoned the game.

In the circumstances at a 0-0 scoreline it looked to be the correct decision. The game will now be played again in the next couple of midweeks. Meanwhile the Mo can re-groupfor a vital away game at Alloa.

Report by Steve Doyle