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Changes for Montrose included Williamson in the back line along with Graham, Quinn and Steeves who moved into the centre in place of the rested Dillon. In midfield Machado replaced Shrive. Referee was Dan McFarlane again and although it wasn’t as windy as last week the game this time was played to a conclusion.

Edinburgh attacked from the start but the Mo defence coped well but without much threat themselves up top or in midfield. Montrose had a free kick from 35 yards but the keeper Adams was fouled and another free kick for a foul on Lyons resulted in two Mo corners which were defended by the big defenders although a melee almost created a chance before the ball was hoofed away. City used a long ball to force a throw in deep inside the Mo half and a long throw caused concern before it was hacked away. Play continued end to end but whereas Edinburgh were attacking as a team effort Montrose had Hester a bit isolated up front and he hit a 25 yarder wide with nobody else to square it to.

15 minutes gone and keeper Gill was the busiest, but he and the Mo defence coped well. A City header went just over the top then Gardyne and Machado combined to force a corner which was hit long and cleared by the big City defenders. City now had a dominant spell with several shots and set pieces and should have made more of the chances created but in between Montrose did get it away and long balls allowed Webster to hit a cross onto the roof of the City net and Lyons was tackled as he was about to shoot on the edge of the 18 yard area. Moving up to half-time and Steeves saw a yellow card for a foul just outside the centre of the 18 yard box but the free kick was stopped by the defending wall and the last piece of action was a free kick for Montrose from 40 yards before the whistle blew for the break.

On the balance of play Montrose needed to make more of possession and support from midfield but it was City who again held the upper hand with a lot more energy in midfield. Montrose had two more corners and shots from Brown and Hester could have been on target but at the other end keeper Gill was keeping it tight as City swarmed forward. First Mo change saw Williamson and Steeves off with Batchelor and Dillon on then Graham was yellow carded for a pull back and then the mistake we were dreading happened as City scored from the edge of the 18 yard area with a shot which went through a crowd and left Gill unsighted. It was in truth a goal City deserved on the balance of play.

That saw a second change when Machado was replaced by Shrive and Brown was replaced by Craig then Hermiston came on for Hester in an effort to salvage something from the game. It did have a mild effect as City appeared to defend their lead but Montrose were still using long balls by both the defenders and midfielders which were easily defended by City and several went long downwind as well. A yellow card for a City defender then two changes for them to eat up more time.

Into stoppage time and a Mo corner was eaten up by the City defence easily and the final whistle sounded as the City celebrated their win and it was a deserved success it has to be said as Montrose on the night were most certainly not at their best.

Report by Steve Doyle

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